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Life after the acid attack

- By: Ritu -

The first time I saw my face after the acid attack, I thought it would have been better if I died. People started treating me differently. Earlier they used to speak lovingly to me but now they criticized me and spoke behind my back. They would talk about me badly to my parents.

The family of the cousin brother (who hired men to carry out the attack because I refused to marry him) even offered Rs. 30 lakhs to my parents if they took back the case. My parents refused.

I remember once a neighbor came and told my mother that the cousin brother’s family had told them that I should commit suicide and my parents should take back the case. My mother became

furious and asked the neighbor if she

would have tried to persuade us to take back the case if it was her daughter who had suffered an acid attack.

Now, I’m helping women who are survivors of acid attacks to get treatment for their burns. Women have to go through everything alone, but why should we be behind in anything? We should come ahead and fight.

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