Student Workshops

 Our workshops can be 1.5 hours, 4 hours, or 1 month long.  Each workshop can also be accompanied by teacher training on request.  



We create a non-threatening environment so your students feel free to talk about their addiction.  They'll learn about pornography myths, its negative impact, and how to resist its influence.


We use historical illustrations and media to foster empathy between your students and to create a culture that discourages bullying.  

Internet Addiction

We provide you with instructional videos, readings, reflections, activities, and group projects to help your students break their addiction to the internet. 

Body Image

We affirm your students, help them identify negative messages in media, and teach them about put-down culture.  

Cyber Safety

We teach your students the importance of online privacy and how to deal with cyberbullies, online predators, and digital abuse.


We cover puberty, romance, gender equality, patriarchy, pornography, abuse, and healthy (or unhealthy) relationships with the opposite sex.   We provide need-based counseling and a teacher’s manual with activities, lesson plans, worksheets, and more.  

Green Intelligence

Through case studies and media presentations, we give your students green intelligence: the science of climate change, legacies of climate change movements, and how our actions today impact tomorrow.

Surviving Puberty

We help your students to make sense of this rollercoaster by giving them clear and accurate information on how to take care of themselves. (Boys and girls will be separated.)  

Gender Sensitising

We help your students identify the unhealthy stereotypes they believe in, discern unhealthy media messages, and develop healthy relationships.

Good Touch, Bad Touch

In this non-threatening workshop, we use fun and interactive ways to teach children about inappropriate versus appropriate behavior/touch, and how to firmly lay down boundaries.

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